Saturday, April 9, 2011

Music Corner - featuring ONE OK ROCK

I FAIL!!!!!!! I said I was going to try and do at least one "Music Corner" a month, and I completely missed March. T___T Oh, well! I'm here now at the beginning of April with ONE OK ROCK!! :D

ONE OK ROCK was formed in 2005, and is made up of Taka (vocalist), Toru (guitarist), Ryota (bassist), and Tomoya (drummer). They have a distinctive musical sound. Those whose ears are trained to the sound of Japanese rock music will notice their origins immediately, but their sound could also be described as being more "American sounding" than most other Japanese rock bands. This can sometimes be a problem with other bands (as many people listen to Japanese music to escape the mediocre sound of American music), but OOR has managed to find their niche and mesh the two different sounds together in a way that is near perfection.

I'm relatively new to OOR, but the moment I heard "Jibun Rock" I became a fan. Their earlier music (which contains rapping a la Linkin Park) is interesting. I like the rapping and it adds a different flavor to their music, but at the same time, I'm quite pleased with the new direction their sound has gone in. Taka's voice is distinctive and nearly all their melodies are catchy as hell! There are many times where Taka sings in English, and it's actually English...not Engrish!

As they don't have many singles yet, this post won't be nearly as long as the one for MUCC was, but I'm going to follow the same sort of pattern. Song title, year, snippet of translated lyrics, and video. Unlike with MUCC, though, I'm not going to put asterisks beside my favorites...because I love them all!! Heheh. There aren't many, so take a listen to all of them. :D If you don't feel like listening to them all, I would recommend giving "Koi no Aibou Kokoro no Cupid," "Liar," "Jibun Rock," and "Answer is Near" a listen. :)

Happy listening!

"Keep it Real"
Released in 2006

"...Keep it real, don't be scared
So you become honest with your own feelings
For if there's only honesty and instinct we're at our strongest..."

"Naihi Shinsho"
Released in 2007

"...acting as if they get it, those obsessed with money get close
The lie-writers with their claws extended, it's that kind of time, but..."

"Yume Yume"
Released in 2007

"...the things I want to do, the daily adventure, Keep it going!
Follow me! Let's head out to the world!..."

"Koi no Aibou Kokoro no Cupid"
Released in 2008

"...all the cupids of the hearts that are born, the struggling palpitations, high
show me how you restrain the motion just a little more, love's partner, emotion control..."

"Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer"
Released in 2010

"...There's no certain logic but only lies out there
Everytime I find in my mind that there's just what I am 
That's stired with confidence and insecurity
Weak, but strong same time..."

Released in 2010

"...Must be a dream I see
It's like deja vu again
Trying so hard to know inside of you..."

"Jibun Rock"
Released in 2010

"...No way I’m going to forget it all!!
When I’m no longer myself
I will find meaning to this life, even if it’s just living..."

"Answer is Near"
Released in 2011

"...Wake up! Right now! Don't turn your back on me 
Come on! Come on! You stand here alive 
The answer is inside of me!..."

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love your blog! It's so charming! This band blows my mind! A A friend of mine told me about them and after hearing them, I had to get EVERYTHING they've released xD I was hoping we could follow and friend each other! Thanks!