Monday, May 30, 2011


I do believe that it's been a while. Almost 2 months. O.o I'd lie and say that a lot happened within those two months if it meant that it'd make it sound better, but yeah... All that happened was I graduated college and now have my BA in English with a writing concentration. Woot!!! My final month of classes was still with paper writing and panicked studying, as well as the strangest allergic reaction I've ever had. My right arm was spasming to the point that I was hitting myself in the face with my shoulder. Just imagine having those really bad hiccups that make your eyes water and your chest hurt...only you're not having hiccups... Your arm is just spasming like that because your prescription medicine reacted with an OTC sinus medicine you started taking the day before... Yeah.... It was strange and terrifying. We were all afraid I was having a seizure and I had to leave work 3 hours early. Thankfully, it was just an allergic reaction...

In the month since then I've spent time with my father's parents who came in to town for my graduation and left a couple weeks ago. And I've been working and catching up on some much needed sleep and WoWing. Heheh.

I'm not planning to let this thing die since I've graduated and the class it was originally created for ended. Obviously. I wouldn't be updating right now if I did. *face palm* I still plan on writing reviews of books and anime as I read/watch them, as well as giving my opinions on new releases from some of my favorite artists. I'm not sure if I'll continue the "Music Corner" because it takes a lot of work. I'd like to, but it'll depend on time. I'll also be blogging about writing and will hopefully start blogging about make-up. We'll just have to see.

I hope that everyone has been well and surviving the spring. There's been so much violent and crazy weather recently. :\

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